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Neil Dhillon, after 20 years of experience in D.C. Politics, has learned a significant amount on congressional communications, lobbying, political strategy, and thought leadership. He continues today adding onto his legacy by providing professional lobbying and consulting for trusted partners in Washington D.C. His personal consulting has allowed him to raise his family comfortably while still having the time to focus on his main passion. View his consulting website at (http://www.neildhillon.com). After studying Political Sciences at The American University, he knew immediately that he wanted to transition his skill set to the political scene. That's why right after college, he worked hard to get noticed and immediately was recognized as "shining star" straight out of college. His first job was deputy assistant to congressman Bob Matsui from 1988-1993. He had a dynamic impact on the congressman and helped run 2 reelection campaigns. The success he had on Capitol Hill did not go unnoticed (http://www.magcloud.com/user/neildhillon). Immediately after his time as assistant to the California Congressman, he was chosen as Bill Clinton's administrative aide.